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8 steps to selling Your Home

Eight Steps to Selling Your Home

1. SELECT AN AGENT- Finding the right real estate agent to guide you through the process of selling your home is an important first step to getting your house ready market. Successful real estate agents should have:

  • · Extensive Experience
  • · Local Expertise
  • · A Broad Network
  • · Excellent Reputation

2. PREPARE YOUR HOME FOR THE MARKET- The goal of preparing your home for sale is to put the property in the best possible light. When you sell a home you are selling an “emotional” product and first impressions are very important. To do this, you should evaluate sensible cosmetic alterations (painting, landscaping, etc.) through the lens of costs versus benefits for the specific market segment you are appealing to. Vacant or cluttered homes are less attractive to buyers and it generally does not take to much time or expense to add greal appeal and value through some cosmetic alterations.

3. PRICING YOUR HOME- The price of your home is based on the location of the property, current market conditions, time of the year, supply and demand in the area, and the overall condition of the home. An experienced agent can help you maximize the price by evaluating all  these factors and devloping a strategic approach. Having specific knowledge of the local market is a key to successful pricing of any home for sale.

4. LISTING YOUR HOME FOR SALE- Before listing your home for sale, you should sign a listing agreement, complete the appropriate disclosures, and order any recommended inspections of the property. Having the proper paperwork in place helps you achieve an offer with better terms and price.

5. MARKETING YOUR HOME- The primary steps for an ideal real estate marketing campaign are:

  • · Professionally Photograph Your Home: Hire a professional to take the photographs of your property and home. Make sure that the photographs are high quality, and show the property in the best light. HDR photograpghy is wonderful in this application.
  • · Hire a professional writer to develop the brochures text
  • · Consider a Video tour or Virtual Tour
  • · Create Online Marketing Materials
  • · Print Advertising, Color Brochures, Direct& E mailing Campaigns
  • · Multiple Listing Service
  • · Broker & Agent Networking
  • · Broker & Public Open House

6. NEGOCIATING THE PURCHASE CONTRACT- A purchase contract is  more than just price. It is vitally important to ensure the terms and conditions are appropriate for your situation.  Ensure your agent has a thorough understanding of the purchase contract you are entering into with the Buyer or Seller.

7. MANAGING THE ESCROW- Escrow is the 3rd party used to facilitate the transfer of funds from Buyer to Seller. Generally the Escrow company will hold the deposit, and provide the Buyer with a preliminary title report. The title report shows a legal description of the property as wells as easement and recorded liens. Naturally, this is a critical part of any purchase.  They also coordinate the loan process for the Buyer and working hand-in-hand with the banks to pay off all existing loans.

8. CLOSING THE SALE- At the close of escrow we will ensure the property is in the condition required by your sales contract (generally broom clean condition) and then hand over all the keys and remotes to the Buyer. Congratulations – You have successfully sold your home!